Honig Challenges Industry In InsureTech Connect 2017 Keynote

Kickoff shines spotlight on AI, blockchain, and key choices facing the industry

The insurance industry faces several tests over the next year, from blockchain moving beyond proof of concept, to artificial intelligence replacing the back office, to the insurance tech stack finally benefiting from APIs in the same manner as the rest of the financial services sector, QED Partners co-founder Caribou Honig told InsureTech Connect 2017 attendees in Tuesday’s keynote address. Sporting his signature fedora, Honig…

InsureTech Connect 2017 To Trumpet Change And What’s Ahead

More than 50 workshops, panel discussions and fireside chats are on the agenda

  Attendees from more than 40 nations are expected to attend InsureTech Connect 2017 at Caesars Palace Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas from Oct. 2 to Oct 4, up considerably from the 30 represented last year. There will be more than 50 workshops, panel discussions, presentations and fireside chats over the three-day event. Among the CEOs participating in ITC2017…

The oliver wyman insurtech interview

Caribou Honig, co-founder, QED Investors

ITC2017's keynote speaker sees 2018 as a year of delivery for some insurtechs

Caribou Honig founded Alexandria, Va., venture capital firm QED Investors in 2008 along with Nigel Morris and Frank Rotman. He is also the current chairman and a co-founder of InsureTech Connect, and will be the keynote speaker at October’s event in Las Vegas. Honig will be leaving QED by the end of the year for reasons that he discusses below.…

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How Oliver Wyman InsurTech will chronicle a unique moment for the insurance industry

“InsurTech” is the term that captures the many and various facets of new uses of digital technology in the insurance industry. Oliver Wyman InsurTech will help diffuse these digital advancements and aid industry leaders to navigate this changing world. This is a unique moment for the insurance industry, a feeling that hangs heavily in the air when one considers the…


ZhongAn’s CFO John Bi Opens Up

The Chinese online insurer has announced plans to go public

China’s first online-only insurer, ZhongAn Online Property & Casualty Insurance Ltd., recently announced it would raise as much as $1.5 billion in an initial public offering. Oliver Wyman Partner Prashanth Gangu held an exclusive interview with John Bi, the Chief Financial Officer of ZhongAn, on the floor of the Las Vegas Convention Center during InsureTech Connect 2016.

Strong Competition Also Brings Significant Opportunities for InsurTechs

The first true insurance disruptors could emerge from the proposition space

The proposition part of the InsurTech value chain contain businesses that offer innovative insurance-based products and services, either on a stand-alone basis or as part of a broader offering. In their global report, InsurTech Caught On the Radar, Oliver Wyman and Policen Direckt identifies six business model categories—low-cost, situational, community-based, “from insured to protected,” risk partner and digitized risks—in the…

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What InsurTech Growth Can Tell Us About The Insurance Industry

The new business scored loss ratio highlights the need for better information

Like spies, insurers seek to make informed estimates about things that are normally hidden—not espionage or Cold War battle plans, but the probabilities of insurable events: car accidents, ill health, living to 95 years of age, being burgled, and so on. And just like spies, insurers are finding that new information technology is making many of their traditional methods of discovery…


The Intersection Of Innovation And InsurTech

Oliver Wyman’s Matt Leonard talks InsurTech with AIG CEO Brian Duperreault

Brian Duperreault, a former Marsh & McLennan Companies chief who is now President, CEO, and Director of AIG, shares his insights on InsurTech in a discussion with Oliver Wyman’s Matt Leonard at the InsurTech Connect 2016 conference.

The oliver wyman insurtech interview

Karn Saroya, CEO, Cover

A discussion with a thought leader on the frontier of insurance innovation

Karn Saroya, along with Natalie Gray, Anand Dhillon and Ben Aneesh, founded Cover as a mobile-first insurance broker. Users download an app, take photos of their possessions and send them to Cover, which helps get them insurance coverage. Cover works with 30 insurance carriers across the US and Canada, and has thus far raised $11 million in venture funding. You’ve…

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The Five Things We Learned at InsureTech Connect 2016

InsurTech Connect 2016

For the first time, trailblazers reimagine the insurance industry

InsureTech Connect 2016, presented by Oliver Wyman, marked an important milestone in the evolution of the global insurance industry. For the first time, over 1,500 innovators and senior leaders came together in Las Vegas to explore ways to reimagine the industry in order to better serve client needs and to enable the industry to innovate. Participants included CEOs/founders of over…