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February 12, 2018

From Oliver Wyman Health: Opportunities in the Making?

Insight into the Amazon-Berkshire Hathaway-JP Morgan Announcement

Key Takeaway
From "break-fix" to "anticipate-prevent" through leading user experience, big data creativity, and finance / risk acumen

The recent announcement from Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway, and JP Morgan is still echoing in many ears, and has caused much speculation about what the plans of these three titans mean for payers, providers, and consumers, and where and how disruption might occur.  Our colleagues Helen Leis and Sukanya Soderland have put the announcement in perspective in a fascinating post on Oliver Wyman Health, a digital community  that offers practical insights on the business challenges of transforming healthcare from volume to value.

Noting that today's healthcare models is "break-fix," they point out that "Amazon, Berkshire, and JP Morgan could move healthcare to an 'anticipate-prevent” model.'"  How could they do this? "Because they know much more about you than your doctor knows about you (and you may even trust them more)." It is clear, they conclude, that these companies bring together the exact capabilities you’d want if you were building a healthcare company from the ground up: consumer engagement and access, world-class technology, payments and data expertise, and risk management prowess.

Read the full article at OW Health.  

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