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October 11, 2018

Oliver Wyman ITC 2018 Interview: Max Drucker

The CEO of Carpe Data on innovation in underwriting, claims, and pricing

Key Takeaway
The challenge: moving from assessing risk at a single point in time to assessing the ongoing stream of risk data

Join Oliver Wyman's Paul Ricard at ITC 2018 as he catches up with Max Drucker, CEO of Carpe Data , an emerging alternative data company serving only insurers. Where can underwriters and claims groups go with data? Drucker observes that these groups are now working directly with providers like Carpe Data, instead of going through ITS as they might have previously. The future for data? Drucker's vision is for a way to enable a new paradigm for risk assessment that moves beyond the current one anchored to a particular point in time. Data's a stream and there should be new ways to provide a similarly active assessment.

Learn more as Oliver Wyman talks with Max Drucker about current projects and future plans in risk assessment.

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