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Rick Chavez keynote kicks off a day of rich discussion

With over 200 speakers across 2 days there’s no shortage of ideas at the world’s largest gathering of entrepreneurs, insurers, and investors. We’re sending out teams of colleagues to cover the rich discussions taking place across the conference. Here are some of the high points from DAY 1 of ITC 2018.

Key issues and takeaways from the 2017 gathering of nearly 4000 insurers and innovators in Las Vegas

Our second year at ITC was busy, exciting, informative, and surprising. Which was all the things we wanted it to be! With double the audience from last year and a real sense of rolling up shirtsleeves and getting down to work on the core problems facing the industry, ITC 2017 seemed to us to provide a unique arena to exchange…

Betterview's David Tobias on putting drones - and data - to work in underwriting and claims

The response to recent natural disasters has brought drones into the limelight. But providing damage assessment is only one part of how drones – and the data they capture – are changing the insurance world.

Changes in technology and data, in societal trends, and in behaviors open up amazing possibilities

The world is changing for insurers, for customers, and for the widening universe of companies connecting the two. Computer vision, conversational AI, robotics and drones, genomics, sensors, and blockchain, among others, continue to shake up this traditionally staid industry. Where should we look for the most significant change?

Innovation doesn't wow consumers unless it betters their lives

Incumbent insurers should pay more attention to identifying and solving customer problems than to the specific technologies that may serve that need—a theme that resonated on day two of InsureTech Connect 2017. “Humans don’t love technology. They love solutions that make life better. Sometimes technology becomes that,” said Ring CEO James Siminoff.

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October 04, 2017

Riding The Waves Of Change

Although the pace of change varies by sector, it's coming and all will need to meet it

Fast or slow, change is coming to an industry that is unevenly prepared to meet it. This theme emerged from an idea-packed first day at InsureTech Connect 2017.

Kickoff shines spotlight on AI, blockchain, and key choices facing the industry

The insurance industry faces several tests over the next year, from blockchain moving beyond proof of concept, to artificial intelligence replacing the back office, to the insurance tech stack finally benefiting from APIs in the same manner as the rest of the financial services sector, QED Partners co-founder Caribou Honig told InsureTech Connect 2017 attendees in Tuesday’s keynote address. Sporting his signature fedora, Honig…

More than 50 workshops, panel discussions and fireside chats are on the agenda

Attendees from more than 40 nations are expected to attend InsureTech Connect 2017 at Caesars Palace Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas from Oct. 2 to Oct 4, up considerably from the 30 represented last year. There will be more than 50 workshops, panel discussions, presentations and fireside chats over the three-day event.

Oliver Wyman’s Matt Leonard talks InsurTech with AIG CEO Brian Duperreault

For the first time, trailblazers reimagine the insurance industry

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